Friday, May 28, 2010

About Our Coffee

Cups offers 100% organic espresso and coffee beverages for the coffee afficionado. All of our coffee is locally roasted at San Diego-based Caffe Calabria, which has developed a customized organic espresso blend to compliment our cupcakes.

Cups' custom espresso blend is comprised of 50% Organic Sumatra, 25% Organic Guatemalan, 15% Organic French, and 10% Organic Mexican to create a complex and flavorful taste. This exceptional blend is prepared in the classic Italian style as we pull ristretto shots. “Ristretto” literally translates to “restricted” in Italian. A ristretto shot is a shot pulled to ½ to ¾ oz volume in 22-28 seconds to ensure that only the best qualities of the coffee are extracted. We also use the classic La Marzocco espresso machine, which is handmade in Florence, Italy.

We offer a Central American Organic Swami's Blend for our house brew that is multi-dimensional and flavorful. Come pair a $2.00 cup with the Tiramisu cupcake, or the PB Cup for a fantastic taste experience.

Our Organic Decaf Espresso is processed with the Swiss Water process which adheres to our policy of using no chemicals or pesticides. This unique process consists of “washing” the coffee beans to remove the caffeine, instead of using chemicals to do so. This results in a higher quality and better tasting decaf espresso.

We have specially trained baristas at Cups who will skillfully prepare your custom espresso beverage with care and flair. Come check out our latte art!

Cups can cater to your every coffee desire in most cases, so just ask our baristas if you have any special preferences or questions.


Swami's Blend: Our House drip coffee boasts plenty of Central American Flavor ($2.00).

Espresso: Two ristretto “short” shots of our custom Cups Blend served in a demitasse cup ($2.50).

Macchiato: Two ristretto “short” espresso shots combined with steamed milk and foam served in a demitasse cup ($3.00).

Brazilian Coffee: Two cardamom-sugar spiced ristretto “short” espresso shots served in a demitasse cup ($3.50).

Cafe Americano: A traditional American cup of coffee prepared Italian style with ristretto “short” espresso shots ($3.50).

Cafe Au Lait: Our Swami's Blend drip coffee paired with steamed organic milk and foam ($3.50).

Red Eye: Our Swami's Blend drip coffee with two ristretto shots added, for those who need a real “kick!” ($4.00)

Cappucino: Two ristretto “short” espresso shots of our custom Cups Espresso paired with steamed milk and foam. ($3.75)

Cafe Latte: Two ristretto “short” espresso shots paired with velvety steamed milk. ($4.00)

Thai Coffee: Two cardamom spiced ristretto “short” espresso shots Americano style with heavy cream ($4.00)

Latte of the Day: Ask our baristas! ($4.50)

Cafe Mocha: Two ristretto “short” espresso shots paired with our House made chocolate sauce, steamed milk, chocolate sprinkles, and whipped cream ($4.50).

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