Friday, February 5, 2010


So much to talk much has happened since my post about the "cake balls" - since named FrostNips. Which, by the way, are available for order now at Cups for Valentine's Day ($25 for a mixed dozen in a cute heart-shaped box!). Ok, that's it for plugs...!

So really want to thank everyone who came out for our big Grand Opening celebration on January 30. WOW! To say we were happy about the turnout is to put it mildly. The only regret I have is that so many people had to wait in line for soooo long. We tried to shut down the street to bring the party outside but were denied, so we had no choice but to manage the number of people in the space at any one time. Anyway, our crew responded by bringing lots of yummy Cups and FrostNips outside to the patiently waiting. Hope everyone was happy. I know I was. Loved that there were lots of kids decorating cupcakes (check out my facebook or to see full array of pics), people enjoying the savory delights of Authentic Flavors (I can't say how many of the vegan portobella sliders I ate!), and the cool mocktails of the geniuses at Snake Oil Beverages (even though they sent their PR guy in to "bartend" - u were awesome Mike, don't take any *&%%## from the "couch people"!). The party was so awesome the cops came - only to be sent away, Cups in hand, "nothing to see here" ...except people having a great time - all without alcohol. Check out the article at ("Cuckoo for Cupcakes") to get more info.

And this on the heels of our successful return from Sundance, where we were the exclusive sweets provider for the Luxury Lounge, nestled in between Harry O's and ChefDance on Main Street in Park City, UT. Got to premiere our FrostNips there, along with some of the more exotic Cups flavors. Made a lot of friends, garnered some new Cups fans - especially my pal Louis Lombardi (Sopranos, Entourage) - who came by every day for a box of to-go PB Cups. Come and see me in LJ Louis...!
So now it's back to work, Valentine's Day right around the corner..., and most exciting news of the moment - the Cups Culinary School should (I say should because I've been promised, but have heard that anyone!!) be open at the end of the this month! We will start baking and decorating classes as of March - and I can't wait. We will also have private b-day parties and karaoke-fests in the private space (for those not interested in "sharing" their vocal talent with the Sunday Cups Lounge ).
And, I'll be writing a new foodie column for the San Diego Businesss Woman Magazine, beginning later this month, called "LifeSavor." I guess I could post that here too...