Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cups is family friendly fun

Cups has been written up SD Family friendly blog,
Check it out!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I haven't desserted you...

Sorry there's been no post here in a bit - we're in the process of moving our blog to our new web site, coming out next week! Of course, these things always take longer than expected (due in large part to me, I suspect), so sorry. We will be back - I've been holding back in anticipation of the move!
Lots of new an exciting things coming in the updated web site...mostly inresponse to customers.
First, we make it easier to see the full class schedules for the upcoming months at Cups Culinary, and sign up online for maximum efficiency. We are also offering a free Cups App at the same time - so our friends can see not only what flavors are being offered that day (and every day that week), but also what specials are going on in the lounge and what classes are on the horizon. People always seem so disappointed when their favorite flavor isn't being offered the day they come in. We always tell them it's on the web site, but that's not as easy as checking your phone!
There's generally a lot more content and photos of our Cups, parties, events, and lots more. We get so much fan mail and photos, we wanted a way to share that.
We are constantly striving to make the Cups experience as good as possible, not only by serving the best cupcakes in San Diego, but also by making the experience as seamless as possible. If there's anything we do you think we could do better, please let me know. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and we know we've got work to do.
But we're not even one year old! In fact, we're coming up on on our one-year anniversary Thanksgiving weekend. Stay tuned for more info on exciting anniversary offers and events.
If you're in town this weekend, and in costume, stop by Cups and other participating vendors on Girard for "Pillage the Village," free trick-or-treat goodies from 4-6 pm, after which we'll have our Scary-oke!
That's it for now. More substantive posts once this #@%*^&^$%$#^^ web redux rolls out!