Monday, March 29, 2010

"Back in the Saddle"

Enough travel for a while. Back to Cups, our bakery, our lounge, and now, our teaching kitchen and party room, Cups Culinary aka the "green room." THIS is the reason I opened Cups - to really share my passion for cooking and teaching with others. Just had the first few events here: 30 sorority sisters, 4-year-old princess party, bridal shower, baby shower, and next week - a Superman-themed deco party! Next step, classes for summer camp, and a full public class schedule. If you have thoughts or suggestions, e-mail me....

So you've probably seen some of the "not your mother's cupcake" shots here. Let me explain. When you say you make cupcakes, a lot of people come in with certain expectations, many of which are based on the box mix/canned frosting cupcakes of our youth and the contemporary grocery store equivalent. No disrespect intended - been there, eaten that! That's just not what we do.

I wanted to make varied, complex, often more dense, less sweet desserts - that happen to come in a cupcake form. We make dense, dark flourless Cups. Sugar-free Cups. Brioche and other yeast-dough Cups. Mixed sweet & savory Cups. Vegan, gluten-free....

SOOOOOO it became necessary to let people know what we do differently, so as to address head-on people's expectations. Love us, hate us, this is what you get. I can't imagine a single cupcake to please every palate - nor do I want to. One billion served to me doesn't say top quality, it says lowest common denominator. But let me get off my high horse (how easily I seem to get back in that saddle...).

Anyway, as I started this rant, am happy to be back at Cups, my new expansion of space inspiring my creative juices. So I will put down this computer and return to the kitchen, to eagerly play with some new concepts. So excited about the upcoming season - so much fresh fruit to incorporate into our Cups! Am harvesting a lot of chamomile from the garden right now, have been thinking this one through - love the idea of a sweet honey-vanilla chamomile Cup. Also picking a lot of fava beans, but not feeling that one yet. Planting my own vanilla and cinnamon plants (in a small greenhouse) but won't get much there for a while. Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the little blackberry buds starting to appear. Now this is the saddle I want to get back in....

Michelle Cicceralli Lerach

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